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Here is everything you need to decide whether I'm the right fit for your event.

Choosing the right speaker for you event is an important – and often difficult – decision. Know that I am honored that you would consider bringing me to your event, conference, church, or school.

This page will give you all the information you need to evaluate whether I am a fit for the event you are planning. Feel free to watch the short video below, check my availability, or select one of the links directly below the video. I look forward to partnering with you to make your event exactly what you envision.

What You Will Find On This Page

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A Bit About Me (As a Speaker)

I got my start speaking at events when I was a youth pastor, but quickly found myself speaking for audiences of all ages and sizes. Conferences, retreats, university chapes, military bases, fundraising banquets. You name it…I’ve probably spoken at it. My desire as a speaker is always to help people fall in love with God’s Word. I don’t want them to justunderstand it more, know it better, or “get something” out of it. All of these are good – and certainly happen. But I want people to grow in their LOVE for God and His Word. Just because the Bible is true doesn’t mean that it’s boring. I always do my best to weave as much humor into my speaking as possible. I think the Bible is really fun. I want my audiences to feel the same way.

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What You Can Expect

  • Your email or phone call will be returned within 48 hours. (Unless I’m speaking in Zimbabwe or the middle of the Sahara. In that case, you’re likely to get an email auto-reply about 30 seconds after you send your email letting you know when I’ll be back.)
  • We will set up a phone call (or coffee if you’re in the Seattle area) where we can talk through your vision of what your event could/might/should be. My desire is always to enhance what you are trying to do, not fit some canned presentation into a slot.
  • I will use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Events Page, etc.) to help promote your event. Unless – of course – your event is a private one. (That would just be rude of me.)
  • I will provide you with marketing materials you can use to promote your event (photos, fliers, signup sheets, video clips, marketing copy)
  • I will arrive early and prepared. We will laugh a lot, ponder a bit, and love Jesus and His Word more than when we came.
  • I will provide an opportunity for you to give feedback, suggestions, and ideas.
  • When all is said and done, my goal is that you feel valued deeply and served well.

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Biblical Storytelling Repertoire

“Just God’s Word, a stool, and a glass of water.”

Imagine yourself back in the first century. You’re sitting in a living room, on a beach, or in a grassy field. Someone who has actually met Jesus stands up and begins to talk about Him. He tells the stories, shares the emotions, visually recreates the scenes. For just a moment you are transported back in time, forget your surroundings, and meet Jesus again – for the very first time. This is what you’ll experience when you see a presentation by Keith Ferrin. His “scripts” are the internalized Word – nothing added. The only actor is Keith. The only props are a stool and a glass of water. Nothing extra that might hinder the Word of God as it penetrates deep within your heart, challenges your mind, and encourages your soul. All of Keith’s presentations can be tailored to fit your needs. Keith can present from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Any of these books can also be used as the topic for a weekend retreat or special event. Keep reading to find out more about the specific presentations.

The Gospel of John

The story of Jesus Christ – teacher, healer, friend, Savior – as told by the beloved disciple. The places He went. The people He touched. The feelings He felt. The love He still shares. Ponder the Word becoming flesh. Marvel at the changing of water into wine. Dance with the healed paralytic. Share the confusion of the disciples at the Last Supper. Weep as you witness the crucifixion. And let your heart leap as you discover anew that the tomb is empty.


What if all the basics of Christianity – grace, sin, forgiveness, salvation – could be unpacked in one hour? The apostle Paul does that very thing in his letter to the Christians in Rome. He speaks of the sinful state of the world and the amazing grace of God. He shares about judgmental attitudes and a call to unity. Not only does Paul explain the basics of our faith, but he concludes by showing us how to translate internal faith into external actions. NOTE: While I (Keith) can present the whole book of Romans for your event, by far the most common presentation is Romans 5-8 leading into a clear presentation of the Gospel I like to call The Offer.

Sermon on the Mount

Some call it Jesus’ most “complete” sermon. This is it – the heart of the matter. In Matthew 5-7 we have Jesus talking in His own words about what matters to Him. Attitudes. Sex. Money. Integrity. The poor. The Kingdom. Prayer. Worry. Wisdom. Foolishness. It’s all there. And as we listen we realize that Jesus is calling us to more – and offering more – than we could ever imagine.


Written by Jesus’ brother. A brother who didn’t believe…for a long time. A brother who most mocked Jesus. A brother who heard Jesus teach, saw Him perform miracles, watched the way He loved people, and most likely witnessed His death. A brother who saw his once-dead brother – alive! James knows who he was and what he has done. More importantly, he knows who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. He knows that simple lip-service to “believing” in Jesus isn’t what discipleship looks like. James calls the early church – and all of us – to an all-encompassing, trial-persevering, word-shaping, relationship-building faith. A faith lived out.


Freedom. What do you think of when you hear that word? Paul had taught the people in the churches of Galatia about a free life in Christ. After his departure some infiltrated the church with a message that was about anything but freedom. Paul heard about it – and was furious! Furious with these “false brothers” for leading others astray. And frustrated with the Galatians for giving up freedom in Christ for a legalistic life in slavery to the law. Freedom vs. legalism. Certainly a message we still need today.


Paul looks at the church in Ephesus and he sees a church divided. A church with one group (Jews) who believe that God calling them His “chosen people” means that the Gentiles (the other group) aren’t really part of the family. The Gentiles aren’t sure where they fit in – although they know they believe in Jesus. So Paul writes to them both about the unity that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the cross, Jesus brought all people together and gave each of us the opportunity to be “in.” Paul is sold out to this gospel. He spends the first half of this letter plainly explaining the gospel. He devotes the second half to showing what our lives will look like if we join with Paul and become “servants of this gospel.”


Servanthood. Joy. Grace. Peace. Encouragement. Strength. All of these topics are covered from – of all places – prison. The Apostle Paul has much to say in this brief letter to his beloved friends in Philippi. As Paul sits in prison, bound with chains, he pens a letter that contains some variation of the word “joy” more times per chapter than any other book in the entire Bible! Wading through the riches of this letter is right where we need to be in order for the humbled, crucified, and resurrected Christ to transform our attitudes and our lives.


Jesus Christ. All the fullness of God in the form of man. The Apostle Paul is reminding the church in Colosse – and us – that our fullness is only found in Him. Again and again Paul shows that the entirety of our faith, both internal beliefs and external actions, must be based solely on Christ rather than the principles of the world.

I Thessalonians

In this letter, we have – most likely – the first writings of the Apostle Paul. As he writes to the church in Thessalonica, Paul thanks God for them, encourages them to share the gospel, be an encouragement to others, and to live lives worthy of the gospel. He reminds them – and us – that how we live, work, play, and treat one another speaks much more loudly and clearly than our words ever could.

II Timothy

Written from death row in a Roman prison, the Apostle Paul knows this is the last letter he will ever write. He uses his final words to exhort, teach, warn, and encourage Timothy, his dear friend and fellow pastor. His love for Timothy is genuine. His sorrow is evident. His warnings are clear. And his passion for spreading the Gospel is as strong as ever. As we eavesdrop on this very personal letter from a mentor to his most beloved student, we can’t help but realize that we were meant to hear this message all along.

I Peter

What do you do when the hard times come? Not just tragedy, but the day-to-day struggles of living a holy life. Jesus never said our life on earth was going to be comfortable. In fact, He said the opposite. Jesus also didn’t want His people to barely survive; never knowing the joy that should exist in a daily walk with Him. Peter shares the secret of experiencing that joy while living a holy life, serving others, and keeping our focus on the hope of eternal glory.

II Peter

You have everything it takes to win this race called “life.” You can know your opponent (and you do have one). You have a God that is for you and longs for your salvation and holiness. II Peter may be a very short letter (only three chapters), but it has a great message on holiness, spiritual warfare, alertness, God’s patience, God’s justice, and our provision from Him and position in Him.


There are two things we may never comprehend: how much God hates wickedness, and how much He loves us. Jonah is sent to a nation far away with a message concerning the first topic. In the end, we all discover the reality of the second. And sandwiched in the middle is a story about how much trouble can be avoided if we simply obey God…the first time He speaks.

What I Saw *Christmas Drama*

Note: this is the only presentation Keith offers that is not straight Scripture. Charles Fussbudget III, Shep, and Bruno Buccelli. I bet you didn’t realize they were actually there for that first Christmas. OK, so they aren’t written about in the Bible, but they can sure tell the story. Charles is a family friend and the CPA of Jacob & Sons Construction. Shep is a First Year S.A.P. (That’s the Shepherd Apprentice Program.) Bruno is the full-time bodyguard for the Three Wise Men. All three tell their stories with their own unique twists. What I Saw is perfect for Sunday services, dessert theatres, or outreach events during the holiday season. You’ll not only laugh – you’ll come away with a fresh, new perspective on the greatest Gift ever given.

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I currently offer three workshops. These workshops are tools you can use to train your congregation, students, or staff. The format is interactive, with lots of discussion and participation by all those in attendance. Your group will come out excited, encouraged, and equipped to put what they’ve learned into practice immediately!

Like Ice Cream
Like Ice Cream Book Cover

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“He commanded our ancestors  to teach their children, so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.” (Psalm 78:5-7 NIV)

What if passing on a love for God’s Word could be as natural—and enjoyable—as passing on a love for ice cream? Keith Ferrin believes it can be, and his book and workshop will show you how! When it comes to creating an environment in which the next generation is most likely to fall in love with the Bible, the principles are surprisingly similar to the way a love for ice cream gets passed on from generation to generation. Whether you are a parent, youth pastor, children’s pastor—or anyone who cares deeply about the next generation—you will find Like Ice Cream to be filled with encouragement and practical ideas you can start using today.

Falling in Love with God’s Word
Falling In Love with God's Word Book Cover

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“I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:11 NIV)

Many of us have quoted these words for years, but how many of us have actually done it? Do you know how to hide God’s word in your heart? Do you want to? This workshop is based on Keith’s book Falling in Love with God’s Word: Discovering What God Always Intended Bible Study to Be. It is designed to help people discover how to study God’s Word in such a way that they not only know it better, but they love it! Our daily time in the Word was designed to be instructive, encouraging, challenging, thought provoking, and fun! When we enjoy spending time in the Word, we are more consistent and we retain more. The more we fall in love with God’s Word, the more the Holy Spirit can use it to transform our lives and the lives of those we touch.

Bringing the Word to Life

Stories. We’ve all heard them. We’ve all told them. Storytelling has been around since mankind was placed on earth. Stories teach, encourage, entertain, challenge, and inspire. Jesus knew that He could relate to people through stories in a way that He wouldn’t be able to do simply by teaching. Bringing the Word to Life is for people who want to discover ways to make the stories of the Bible come alive. We will examine questions such as:

  • What are the four questions a storyteller always asks?
  • How can we allow the characters to speak for themselves?
  • What are some dramatic techniques for enhancing our storytelling?
  • What are some internalization techniques?
  • What is your personal storytelling style?

Biblical storytelling can enhance a church’s ministry or a family’s devotional time. Bringing the Word to Life is designed to get people excited about experiencing and sharing God’s Word in a fresh, new way – both now, and for years to come. Weekend Format: Either workshop can be used as a theme for a weekend retreat. This format provides extra time for discussion and application.

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What Others Have to Say…

“Keith has an amazing gift to make the words of Scripture jump off the page and dive straight into your soul. It was one of the most compelling presentations I’ve ever witnessed.”

Gary Thomas,  Writer in Residence at 2nd Baptist Church (Houston, TX) Author of Sacred Marriage

“Keith’s exposition of God’s Word brings a message for everyone – from age 6 to 86. He not only makes the Scriptures come alive – he also makes a compelling call to greater discipleship, helping all of us become more like Christ.”

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision Author of The Hole in Our Gospel

“I have not been this captivated in a very long time!”

Julie, Children’s Pastor (St. Louis, MO)

“‘The living word of God’ is not just a phrase anymore. I used to struggle through reading anything, now I can’t wait to get home and dig in!”

Eric,  Workshop Attendee (Chicago, IL)

“Keith Ferrin brings the Word to life and helps us to discover The Life that is contained in the Living Word of God.”

Chuck Neighbors, Founder of Master’s Image  Productions (Salem, OR)