If You’re a Kidmin Leader – or Know One – You NEED to Hear This

My interview with Pat Cimo and Matt Markins about their brand new book - "Leading KidMin"

There are lots of books about doing KidMin. There are very few about leading Kidmin. If you are a KidMin leader – family pastor, nursery leader, volunteer, or anything else in family ministry – you need to read Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry.

Leading KidMin Interview Graphic

The two authors – Pat Cimo and Matt Markins – know what they’re talking about. Pat is the Director of Marriage and Family Life at Willow Creek and Matt is the Vice President of Ministry Resources at Awana. Between them, they have over five decades of KidMin experience.

I had the chance to sit down with both of them and talk about the state of KidMin – and specifically – how to help the leader stay healthy, last a long time, and lead lasting change.

Simply put: This book is fantastic! Watch the interview, then please, grab a copy today!

Here are the questions they answer in this interview: 

  1. Why did you write Leading Kidmin?
  2. What do you hope this book accomplishes for the reader and the KidMin community?
  3. Tell me about the research that went into this project?
  4. What is your favorite chapter? (BTW…They have different answers!)
  5. What are the practical pieces that will really help the KidMin leader?
  6. What’s this new “KidMin Dashboard” you created (and included)?
  7. Is this for larger churches, smaller churches, or both?
  8. What did you find the most encouraging as your researched and wrote?

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Question: What’s your favorite book for the KidMin leader? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The Next Couple Months…

Hey there. As you may have heard, my wife and I are taking our three kids and spending most of July serving with Children of the Nations in the Dominican Republic. (If this is news to you, you’ll want to check out the video on this post.)

You also probably know that I’m working on a new book about doing a Rapid Bible Read Thru. (And if this one is news to you, you’ll want to check out this post.)  

With the combination of the mission trip, finishing the new book, and taking a short, unplugged road trip in August with the family, I will not be writing a weekly blog post in July or August.

However, as much as possible, I will be updating my Facebook page with pictures, thoughts, and videos while I’m traveling. Depending on how the internet connection is, I might even try to post a “Facebook Live” video. (Wouldn’t that be fun!)

Make sure you like my Facebook page and follow along on our family’s journey!

What Do You Pray When You Are Struggling with Your Past?

A prayer for you...

For some people, it happened in high school. For others, it was a decision made in college. For some, it was a season spanning several months – or years. The circumstances are all unique, but one thing is the same in every case: It won’t let go.

What do you pray when you are struggling with your past

I have been reading Paul’s letter to the Ephesians a lot. I was reminded today how Paul’s call to “put on the full armor of God” isn’t only about general spiritual warfare.

What would happen if you and I put on each piece of armor and went to war against the specific past event, decision, or season that doesn’t want to let go?

For today, how about you and I go to war?

No commentary. Just prayer. (Something tells me that’s what you and I need anyhow.)

Armor Piece 1: The Right Mindset

Lord Jesus, Defeater of the devil, Conqueror of death and hell. Help me recognize this isn’t a battle against flesh and blood. This is a spiritual battle against the devil and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. The devil has schemes and he is using them to try to convince me that my past defines me. Today, fill me with your Spirit, and help me stand firm, so that in the end, I may stand.

Armor Piece 2: The Belt of Truth

Help me Lord, to speak truth to myself about my past. I confess that I have sinned. I have made choices that don’t glorify You. And yet, these choices, patterns, seasons, and habits are not who I am. While I confess my sin, I profess that what You say about me is true. I am Your child. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I was bought with a price, the price of your precious blood on the cross. I am being sanctified day after day after day. You, Lord Jesus, are the Truth and what You say about me is true. May Your truth always ring truer and louder than Satan’s lies.

My Publisher is Giving Away My Book – Almost – for the Next 4 Days

Today is unbelievably exciting for me…and I wanted to share it with you! For the first time since my book – How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible – came out last May, my publisher is featuring it in their monthly sale!

Read the reviews or buy my book on Amazon!

They let me know this was coming a few weeks ago – but today through Sunday they dropped the price to $1.99!

QUOTE-The goal is relationshipSince you’re reading this blog, my assumption is that my writing, speaking, blogging, etc. have been an encouragement to you. If you believe the message of relational (vs. informational) Bible study would be an encouragement to others as well, would you help me spread the word? [Insert “pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top” here.]

Here are the two reasons I really need your help:

  1. I truly believe this is the message God has called me to share with the world. It has changed my life (and people tell me it has changed theirs too).
  2. Honestly…I want to write more books and publishers look at the traction that’s generated from events like this to determine whether they want to take a chance on an author’s next book.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Use this link to buy a copy. (BTW…This is the Amazon link, but my understanding is that it should be $1.99 everywhere for the next five days.)
  • Send one as a gift to someone through Amazon.
  • Copy/Paste this link anywhere and everywhere: http://keithferrin.com/enjoythebible

Amazon Sale - June 2016 - VerticalYou could also copy/paste this “pre-made” Facebook post:

When it comes to reading the Bible, is the conversation in your head more “should” than “want?” If so, this book from @KeithFerrin will help you make the switch. And it’s on sale for only $1.99 (but only until Sunday). http://keithferrin.com/enjoythebible

Or here’s one for Twitter:

If you love to share pictures instead of text, simply hover over any of the three pictures in this post and you should be able to share them with a click on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. In case you want to share them on other platforms (or save them for later), I’ve put the four pictures you see on this page in this public Dropbox folder.

QUOTE-What if God doesnt want to teach you anything today


Finally…would you please pray with me that God would use these next five days to get my book into the hands of those who need it? Thanks heaps!

5 Bible Reading Options Designed for Summertime

Summertime is especially hard when it comes to consistency in Bible reading. Kids are out of school. Vacations are taken. Churches typically don’t have any “structured” Bible studies. Small groups frequently take a break. So…what options are there for a Bible study that fits into a summer schedule and can be completed in eight weeks?

5 Bible Reading Options Designed for Summertime

Here are five options I specifically designed to be completed in eight weeks.

What do you do when things go horribly wrong?

The scene in Genesis 41 is about as bad as you can imagine. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his own brothers. He’s wrongfully accused of rape by his boss’s wife. He’s sent to prison. He’s left there for two years.

You won’t believe what happens next…

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How to Drastically Reduce Distractions During Your Time with God

Includes a Free eBook to download, print, or share

Have you lived out this scene? You pour a cup of coffee. You sit down to read the Bible. You pause to pray. And then you realize – before even cracking open your Bible – your mind is pulled in a million different directions.

6 Tips Distraction Free Quiet Time

Why does this happen? After all, you want to be fully present. You want to focus. You want to spend time with God.

And yet the distractions come. More accurately – the distractions bombard! 

It seems like every time a teach a workshop on reading and enjoying the Bible this topic shows up. I get questions about it. I receive emails about it. I see comments on Facebook about it.

We live in a distracted – and distracting – culture.

Hear this clearly: You can focus. You can reduce distractions. You can read, pray, and simply be with God without having your mind wander every 30 seconds.

However, it’s not easy. It takes practice. And it takes intentionality.

I have written a longer post – and recorded a podcast episode for you listeners out there – that dives into greater detail on the 6 Tips for a Distraction-Free Quiet Time. You can read the post or listen to the podcast here (or search “Keith Ferrin” on iTunes).

Today I want to give you – for free – the eBook version.

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Question: What helps you stay focused when you sit down to read the Bible or pray? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

3 Free Websites That Make Bible Word Studies Incredibly Simple!

with Step-by-Step Video

Have you ever heard a pastor say something like “In the original Greek, this word means ABC” or “The people Paul was writing to would have understood this phrase to mean XYZ?” How does he know that? Is my pastor fluent in Greek and Hebrew? Is there some trick he knows that I don’t?

3 Free Websites that Make Bible Word Studies Incredibly Simple

The truth is, it wasn’t too long ago that you would either need a fairly extensive library – or be fluent in Greek and Hebrew – to understand what the original hearers would have known intuitively.

Now, doing a Bible word study is incredibly simple (and the tools are free).

The Best Site – Hands Down – for Christian Audiobooks (Paid and Free)

Do you listen to audiobooks? Have you wanted to, but the thought of listening to a book while on your computer seems unrealistic, and getting the file downloaded and transferred to your phone or tablet seems too complicated?

If so…your answer is ChristianAudio.com.

featured photo

I have been using ChristianAudio since 2009. (Sorry for not writing this post until now.) Think of them as Audible.com with only Christian books. In fact, over 5,000 Christian books.

Here’s a 3-minute video review and walk-thru. If you prefer to read, scroll on down a few inches and read away!

Here are a few of my favorite things… (Insert light, fluffy music here.)

The Monthly Free Book

ChristianAudio 3Let’s be honest. Lots of sites give stuff away. However, most of them give away something that is old, short, or public domain. Not ChristianAudio.com.

Every month, ChristianAudio gives away a free, premium audiobook. Oftentimes, it’s a brand new release from a best-selling author. You can see the last five audiobooks in the screenshot of my account to the right.

A Tragedy, Four Opportunities, My Whole Family, and My Birthday

with a Video from my wife and me

You may know – or may not – that Kari and I went to the Dominican Republic last summer with a team of people from our home church. On the last day, we met Noelia, a little girl with a massive smile.

She took us to her home and introduced us to her aunt, grandma, siblings, and cousins.

We were not prepared for what we heard next.

Check it out this video…

Help me give away my birthday!

In case you’re one of those I’m-going-to-skip-the-video-and-read people, here is the overview…

The Story

Kari and Noelia

Kari and Noelia on the last day of our trip.

On the last day of our trip to the Dominican Republic, we met Noelia and her extended family. The year before, her father had killed her mother and is now in prison. The house she lives in – with grandma, aunt, siblings, and cousins – is about the size of the living room in most American homes and in desperate need of repair.

Some other members of our team spent the next couple months working with Children of the Nations (the ministry we work with in the DR) to see if we could raise the money, send a team, and repair – and add on to – the house.

Bottom Line: We received approval, developed a plan alongside COTN, worked out the logistics, and we are taking a couple teams of people down there for three weeks in July to build Noelia and her family a house!

Four Very Cool Opportunities for Us

The first opportunity is…well…the one we just told you about.

The second opportunity is that Kari – who has been teaching elementary school for 20 years – has been invited to work with the summer school program to teach the children and work alongside the local staff who will continue teaching when we come back to Seattle.

The third opportunity is that I will spend part of the second week working with the in-country staff of Children of the Nations doing communication, speaking, writing, and leadership training.

The fourth opportunity is that we get to bring Sarah, Caleb, and Hannah with us! Our three kids will work alongside us on the construction site as well as in the classroom with Kari.

Where You Come In

As you might imagine, the materials for the house – as well as all five of us getting down there and living for three weeks – costs quite a bit of money. $18,000 to be exact. Whether you can give $10, $100, or $1000, we CAN work together to make this happen!

We truly believe this trip will have an impact on this extended family, the teachers at the school, and the staff of Children of the Nations for years to come!

Will you help us build Noelia a house?

My birthday is a month from today. I am asking you to help me give it away! 

Here is how you can help (pick your preference):

  • Click here to donate online directly through our family’s Children of the Nations page. (This is ideal.)
  • Call COTN to donate over the phone – (360) 698-7227
  • Donate via PayPal. (This will go directly to my non-profit ministry and ALL funds given through the month of May will go to this summer’s trip.)
  • Mail a check – payable to “That You May Know Ministries” (my non-profit) to PO Box 276, Kirkland, WA  98083

Help me give away my birthday!

NOTE: 100% of donations will go toward this project, are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt.

Will you help me spread the word on Facebook or click the “Click to Tweet” link below. Thank you so much!