Discover resources to help you with your Bible StudyPeople ask me all the time what websites I turn to, Bibles I recommend, or software I use for Bible study. I have done my best to compile a list here and separate it by category.

If there is a website, tool, or resource that you have found helpful, please use this form to let me know.

There is way too much out there for me to read through and review. I am grateful for any help in making sure the best stuff ends up on this page!

Online Bible Study Tools

Bible Gateway – This is the easiest, most popular site for looking up anything in the Bible. The site contains almost any translation in almost any language you can think of. Search by Passage, Keyword, or Topic. There’s also an app for your mobile device.

Bible Study Tools – The name says it all. If you want to find an online resource for Bible study, you’re likely to find it here. Search the Bible. Read a commentary (or several). Check out what other people are taking notes on. You can even watch some videos of people unpacking various topics and sections of Scripture. Be warned: You could spend a lot of time here!

BibleHub  – This site was forwarded to me by one of my readers. It is unbelievably robust! Whether you want a parallel Bible, commentary, Bible atlas, word study dictionary, or a Greek/Hebrew interlinear Bible (with each word clickable!), this is the site for you. My only complaint is that there are a lot of acronyms that aren’t obvious. That makes it a little cumbersome to navigate, but overall, it is an amazing site! Did I mention that it’s free and there is a dedicated mobile site?

Study Light – This is another place to do online studying. It has many different study resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, commentaries, etc.). One neat resource is an interlinear Bible where you can click on a word for an instant word study. This site also includes devotions, humor, and various Christian articles, sermons, and reviews.

YouVersion – This is both an online Bible and software. There are reading plans, a mobile app, social integration, and the ability to take notes and synchronize across all of your devices. Very cool.

Faithlife Study Bible – This was developed by Logos (see below). It combines and online study Bible with the “social” aspect of the online community. You don’t have to use the social functionality, but that’s the part they’re pushing. You can create your own private groups so you can share thoughts and notes with other people in your group.

Into Thy Word – I wouldn’t say this is the simplest online site, but it is incredibly comprehensive. At the very least, bookmark their Bible Study Aids Page if you are looking for a specific type of online Bible study tool. Their list is the most comprehensive I have found.

The Blue Letter Bible – This is another in-depth study site. While it doesn’t have multiple translations, it does a terrific job of laying out many study tools that apply to whatever verse you are looking at. That way, a wealth of information about exactly what you’re studying is one click away.


Logos Bible Software – This software is amazing (although moderately expensive). If you are a pastor, Bible teaching, author, or just plan on doing a lot of in-depth Bible study, I haven’t found anything better. Your can start with a basic package and add literally thousands of books to your library. It is integrated with an online Bible and an app for your tablet or phone. For me…it is indispensable!

GloBible – The two words I would use to describe GloBible are immersive and beautiful. It is a rich piece of software that allows you to look at the Bible through five “lenses:” Bible, Atlas, Timeline, Topical, and Media. There is also an app for phone or tablet. GloLite is a free, limited version (though still very cool) and GloLite Premium is very robust, especially for $40 on Amazon. Here is a chart that shows the differences for Mac, PC, and mobile platforms.

E-Sword – This is FREE, downloadable software you can use to study the Bible when you’re not connected to the internet. It’s not the most comprehensive software, but it’s a great place to start. And the price is spot on!

MacSword – Another FREE, open source software. Similar to E-Sword, but for all you Apple fans out there!


ESV Study Bible – This was given to me as a gift and has become an indispensable study Bible. It is incredibly comprehensive. The thorough introduction to each book is as good as I have found in any study Bible.

NLT Parallel Study Bible – This is currently my favorite study Bible. It is a combination of a traditional study Bible (with expository/contextual notes) and the Life Application Study Bible (one of the most popular study Bibles in the world). The contextual notes and the application notes are in two columns at the bottom of every page. (Feels a bit like a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal.)

Chronological Study Bibles – Some books of the Bible cover huge timeframes, while others cover a shorter span. In many cases, the books of the Bible overlap the people and their stories. These Bibles are already laid out it the order the stories of Scripture actually happened. I haven’t used all of these, but they are the highest rated/reviewed ones in each translation on Amazon. If you’re doing a Bible Read Thru (read more about that here!), you might want to pick one of these so you can avoid several bookmarks.

The Action Bible – If you have a kid between the ages of seven and fourteen (or you’re looking for a gift), get this Bible. Put it this way: It is extremely rare that we will pick up this Bible and one of my kids won’t say “Come on Dad. One more. Please!” Here’s a dedicated site for this Bible.

The Preschooler’s Bible – This is one of two Bibles I recommend from V. Gilbert Beers. The pictures are colorful and terrific. The text is age-appropriate. Read my full review here.

The Toddler’s Bible – This is the other one I recommend. Similar to the one above, just suited for the littler munchkins. Read my full review here.

The Jesus Storybook Bible – The biggest issue I have with this Bible is that I want it to tell more of the stories! Sally Lloyd-Jones is a terrific writer and tells the stories in a beautiful way. Each story shows how Jesus is the lead-in, essence, and fulfillment of all of Scripture. (NOTE: Make sure you get the Collector’s Edition with the audio version included. David Suchet is one of the best voice-over guys I’ve heard.)

Other Links

GoodSearch and GoodShop are very cool ways to earn money for your favorite charity or school (without costing you a dime). GoodSearch is a Yahoo!-powered search engine. GoodShop is simply a portal that takes you directly to your favorite online site (like Amazon, OfficeMax, or ToysRUs). It is NOT a separate site with higher prices. You can find out more at this post I wrote about it.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – This site is the most comprehensive source for Christian literature that I have found. It contains the complete text of books written this century, as well as many centuries ago. If you love to read – or are looking for – obscure Christian books, this site will be paradise for you.

Network of Biblical Storytellers – The Network of Biblical Storytellers is a whole lot of people around the world who make a point of telling the stories of the Bible. Some do it professionally (like Keith). Most see it as a wonderful way to add to the ministry of their local churches. Come to the NOBS page to find out all about the wonderful world of Biblical Storytelling.

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