Have you lived out this scene?

You pour a cup of coffee. You sit down to read the Bible. You pause to pray. And then you realize – before even cracking open your Bible – your mind is pulled in a million different directions.

Why does this happen? After all, you want to be fully present. You want to focus. You want to spend time with God.

And yet the distractions come. More accurately – the distractions bombard!

It seems like every time I teach a workshop on reading and enjoying the Bible this topic shows up. I get questions about it. I receive emails about it. I see comments on Facebook about it.

We live in a distracted – and distracting – culture.

Hear this clearly:

You can focus.

You can reduce distractions.

You can read, pray, and simply be with God without having your mind wander every 30 seconds.

However, it’s not easy. It takes practice. And it takes intentionality.

That’s what this course is all about: intentionally learning how to keep your mind from wandering when you spend time with God. In five lessons you’ll learn my best tips for keeping focused on the Word every time you open it up.

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