• The Videos

    The whole Relational Bible Study course is centered around eight videos walking you through the whole process. They're all shot in cool spots too, like on a mountain, at a park, and even in my kitchen! No boring classroom lectures here!

  • The Community

    Got a question, comment, idea, or something really cool jumps out at you while you're taking the course? Share it in the Members Only Forum.

  • The Benefits

    You will be excited to read the Bible! You will be excited to discover the life found in the "Living Word of God." And you will be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and coached - every step of the way!

  • The Tools

    The videos might be the "centerpiece," but there's a lot more on the table! MP3's of each lesson, discussion questions, step-by-step video tutorials, resources for further study, and direct email contact to ask your questions (and that's just the beginning).

It's all about relationships!

You'll know God better. You'll learn and grow in community. You'll be changed (and might just change the world). 

  • Dawn Heckert (Pastor of Children's Ministries, Christ Community Church, Leawood, KS)
    This has helped me dive into the living Word of God and discover how much deeper my relationship with Him can be!
    Dawn Heckert (Pastor of Children's Ministries, Christ Community Church, Leawood, KS)
  • FINALLY! A very explicit nuts and bolts, step by step guide of how to read the Bible and spend time with God.
    Cindy (RBS participant)
  • I have been studying the Bible for 30 years and Relational Bible Study opened up a whole new way of digging into the Word of God.
    Another RBS participant
  • This study is helping me connect with God and sense His love, in a more personal way.
    Still another RBS participant


8 Video Sessions

MP3's of all sessions

Member's Only Forum

Lots of step-by-step videos and tutorials

Lifetime "forever" access!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee (That means you can do the whole course and still get your money back!)

The GROUP Edition

Everything from the Individual Course plus...

Unlimited sessions and users!

Private, password-protected page with all the videos, questions, etc. for ONLY your group.

Ability to embed videos on your school/church website.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee (That means you can run the first group through the whole course and still get your money back!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide this isn't for me? Can I get my money back?

I sure hope that doesn't happen! But if it does, use the "Contact Us" button, let us know within the first 60 days, and we'll refund every penny.

Will this take a ton of time?

No...but it will take some. After all, you're developing new habits and routines. For most people, it's about a 15-30 minute commitment each day for a couple months. 

Do I have to already know the Bible really well? 

Not at all. I put this together so it would be helpful for anyone who wants to enjoy the Bible more and know God more deeply.

Since this is an online course, will I be going through this alone?

I've created the Members Only Forum and the private Facebook group so that you can walk through this with people from all over.

What if I have a question during the course?

There's a button on every page that will give you direct access. Ask us any question. We're here for you!

Is it complicated?

Nope. Can you watch a video, read your Bible, and have a conversation? That's about as complicated as it gets. 

  • I want you to be completely satisfied with Relational Bible Study. That's why I'm offering the chance for you to take the ENTIRE COURSE with no risk. Anytime in the first 60 days, if you feel like it's not right for you, just let us know via the contact form and we'll refund your money.

Can I help you enjoy the Bible more than you ever dreamed possible?

Scroll back up and pick the option that's best for you!