What if passing on a love for God’s Word could be as natural – and enjoyable – as passing on a love for ice cream? I believe it can be. When it comes to creating an environment in which the next generation is most likely to fall in love with the Bible, the principles are surprisingly similar to the way a love for ice cream gets passed on from generation to generation.

Whether you are a parent, youth pastor, children’s pastor – or anyone who cares deeply about the next generation – you will find Like Ice Cream to be filled with encouragement and practical ideas you can start using today.

What people say about the book…

"Like Ice Cream is a marvelous book. If we can pass on a love for God’s Word to our children, we are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. Keith offers the most practical, effective approach I have ever seen to accomplish just that.” - Gary Thomas – Writer in Residence, Second Baptist Church (Houston) Author of Sacred Marriage and Sacred Parenting

"Very Clever! Keith’s vibrant and fresh perspective brings great ideas alive to help us parents instill this love in the hearts of our children. It also puts a little flame under us parents to inspire us to lead the way! He pounds this notion home with 9 principles, each very sensible, reasonable, and attainable. His occasional confession of where he messed up helps me relate as a parent. I enjoyed the book immensely and would encourage parents to read and glean!" S. Essian

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