Do your kids know WHO they are…or just what they are supposed to DO?  

For a few years now, my wife and I have been implementing a new way to help our kids know who they are to God. We’ve been taping a Bible verse right in the middle of the bathroom mirror for the kids to see when they wake up. 

It’s been very cool. 

Not that it leads to a massively deep conversations every day. But even when we don’t talk about it, I have noticed a change in my own thinking and intentionality toward prayer and the spiritual health of my family.  As I think about what verses to tape to the mirror, I frequently find myself landing on verses that remind them of who they are.  

It’s all about identity.  

Bottom Line: I want my kids to know who they are, not just what they are supposed to do.  

This book is for you and for your children (or your grandchild...or the neighborhood kid...or your student...or any kid you happen to see walking down the street) so we will all know who we are. 

Feel free to print it, post it, share it, tweet it, pin it and give it away to anyone you know who has a kid. We will all be better for the experience. 

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