Why You Should Try This Brand-New Bible App

What if you could combine the Bible, technology, videos, and a reading plan that would help you understand the Bible better and enjoy it more? If that sounds good, you’re going to love Read Scripture, the new app from The Bible Project and Crazy Love Ministries (Francis Chan’s ministry).

Why you should try this brand new Bible app.

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You might have heard of The Bible Project as “the two guys who make the cool, animated overview videos of books of the Bible.” To that I would say, “Yes…and…”

Their videos are fantastic! As of December, they now have videos for all 66 books of the Bible as well as a bunch of major themes (like “Heaven and Earth,” “Holiness,” and “The Law”).

Written Overview

The essence of Read Scripture (iOS and Android) is quite simple…

  • An “entire Bible” reading plan broken up into 3-6 chapters per day.
  • Interspersing Psalms into your daily reading
  • Video overviews on the first day of each book
  • Theme videos interspersed on days with corresponding passages
  • All text is English Standard Version

Video Overview

Walkthrough (with Screenshots)

Search on “Read Scripture” and look for this logo…

The main screen breaks up the whole Bible into “stories.”

Here’s what a typical “daily breakdown” looks like (more on why I DON’T pay attention to that a few inches down the page).

The videos are embedded right into the app, which keeps you immersed in the narrative. Lovely.

How I use the Read Scripture app…

Since I am a huge proponent of reading for an amount of time – rather than an amount of content – I only use the breakdowns as a guide for what order to read in. In fact, you can simply print the PDF guide here.

I read for 20, 30, or sometimes 60 minutes and simply check off however many days (always more than one). One day’s reading is rarely enough to full “get into it.”

So far, I’ve only found FOUR DRAWBACKS with app:

  1. You can’t synchronize across devices. If you have the app on your phone and a tablet, you have to check off your reading independently.
  2. There’s no “offline mode” (yet). They’re working on it. But for now, you have to be connected to the internet.
  3. There’s no audio option. It would be nice to go through it once while reading and another time while listening.
  4. There’s no computer version. I would love to be able to access the reading plan – and watch the videos – all in my browser. So far, it’s only available as a standalone app on iOS and Android.

Bottom line: I haven’t been this excited about a Bible app in a very long time. They’ve done a fantastic job and I highly recommend you check it out.

Here are the links one more time: iOS and Android (or you can search “read scripture”)

Question: What is your favorite Bible reading plan or app? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Try This Brand-New Bible App

  1. I like YouVersion. I can connect with friends, activate challenges, create memes with highlighted scripture, and much more. During the genealogy sections I have them ready to me as I read. It’s fun to switch between versions and hear the different voices. I can connect easily with social media friends and share with them, lots of versions either online or I can download a version to my phone. I was wishing the other day, they had your RBRT challenge. Maybe next year.

  2. I’m using Blue Letter Bible this year–I like the variety of reading plans, and the quick access to great study helps! I downloaded the “Read Scripture” app and am excited to use it–thanks for the tip!