Thankfulness Challenge – Week 3

With Your Final 7 New (and FREE) Images

A week from tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to relaxing, eating too much pumpkin pie, and spending some unplugged time with friends and family. Have you joined the 5-Minute Thankfulness Challenge?

A Thankfulness Challenge

Two weeks ago, I invited you to join me in spending 5 minutes a day, for 3 weeks, being thankful in 5 different categories. If you haven’t read that post – or joined the challenge – here’s the link to find out all about it. And remember, if you’re going to share or tweet about it, make sure to use #ThankfulnessChallenge so I can follow along!

Today, I’m sharing seven brand new verses that remind us of the why, what for, and how of being thankful. Last year there were 14 images. I included those over the last two weeks. But hey, if two weeks of thankfulness is good…THREE weeks must be better! Right? 

Week 3’s Scripture Pics

1 Chronicles 16-34





2 Corinthians-9-15

2 Corinthians-4-15

Question: What is your favorite ‘thankfulness’ verse? You can leave a comment by clicking here.