You Are Invited to Rapid Bible Read Thru 2017!

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The time has come for Rapid Bible Read Thru 2017! This is always one of my favorite blog posts to write each year. Why? Because after seven years of doing this, I know what a couple hundred people are about to experience. I’d love for you to be one of them!

Are you ready to change your understanding and enjoyment of the Bible? If so, jump on board for Bible Read Thru 2017!

I’ve said (and experienced) it before and I’ll say (and experience) it again…

Four months. That’s it. January through April.

  • In four months you will know the Bible better than ever before.
  • In four months you will enjoy the Bible more than you thought possible.
  • In four months you will make new friends from around the world (and maybe in your own community).

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If you HAVEN’T done the BRT before – check out this 4-minute video…

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The top 4 questions about the Bible Read Thru (and more info about some of the links).

BTW – I answer these questions and a lot more about the Why, What, and How of doing and hosting a Rapid Bible Read Thru in my new book.

You can read reviews or pick up a copy on Amazon or through my online store.

1. Why and How did you start doing the Bible Read Thru?

It all started in 2009 when someone who took my Falling in Love with God’s Word Workshop sent me an email with a link to  this article by Ron Frost. He writes of meeting a retired missionary who had read the Bible 2-3 times a year for several decades.

Now Ron – a former professor at Multnomah University in Portland, OR – has done the same thing for close to 50 years!

We connected over email, then sat down for lunch one time when he was passing through Seattle. After ignoring the prodding for a few months, I finally did my first 4-Month Bible Read Thru with five other guys to kick off 2010. I’ve now done it every year since. Life changing!

2. What is a Rapid Bible Read Thru?

There are only three parameters and they’re quite simple:

  1. Read the Whole Bible in 4 Months. – This may sound like a lot, but it boils down to about 35-50 minutes a day. (See Question #2 for more on this.)
  2. Read with a Pen in Your Hand. – You’ll want to jot down the conversations you have with God as you read. This can be in your Bible, in a journal, or using a note-taking app. My favorite is OneNote. Other people prefer Evernote. (Both are free and keep everything synced across your computer, tablet, and smartphone.)
  3. Talk About It. – This is not optional! You need the accountability. (So do your buddies.) You will have more fun. You will learn and grow more than you could ever do on your own. (In case you’re interested, I did an entire podcast episode on this very topic. You can check it out here.)

3. What sort of time commitment will this take?

Most people think it’s going to take hours every day. (Not true.) Here’s the super-simple math: The average audio Bible is about 72 hours. 72 x 60 = 4320 (minutes). There are 120 days in January through April. Divide 4320 by 120 and the end result is 36 minutes each day. If you allow some time for jotting a few notes, getting up to grab a second cup of coffee, or simply to pause and ponder, you’re looking at somewhere between 40-55 minutes.

  • A Suggestion: Set aside 50-60 minutes a day at the beginning. You’ll be setting yourself up for success, and you will always be ahead. When you get sick, have a crazy busy day, or attend an all day basketball tournament for you kids, you won’t fall behind.
  • A Warning: Do NOT divide it up into 10 chapters a day. Your mindset will be all wrong. You’ll see it as “getting through” 9, 8, 7 more chapters. If you set aside 45-60 minutes, you’ll be more present with God in His Word.

4. Can we do this together?

You already know the answer to this. Y.E.S. However, you MUST fill out this form!

Join RBRT 2017!

Here’s why…I recognize that not every one of my blog readers or email subscribers is interested – or able – to participate. Since Rapid Bible Read Thru 2017 will be highly interactive – a weekly email from me as well as the private Facebook group – the last thing I want to do is send everything to you if you don’t want it! (I’m guessing you’re not looking for ways to get more email.)

Signing up will take less than 30 seconds and will ensure that I have your best email address and I’m only sending the info to people who want it! 

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Free Chronological Reading Plan

You may or may not know this, but the Bible is not written in chronological order. In general, it is, but not entirely. Some events are told a few times. Others only once. Some books cover a long amount of time. Others are a deeper dive into a shorter amount.

Reading the Bible in the order the events actually occurred is super helpful.

Chronological Reading Plan

Click to get your free copy!

I have put together this short eBook outlining every chapter in the Bible chronologically. You will find a deeper overview of this process in the opening pages.

For me, it’s helpful to simply print the two pages with the chapter breakdowns and tuck it in my Bible. Feel free to print it, copy it…or ignore it. 🙂

Come join me!

Join RBRT 2017!

Question: What questions, comments, experiences, or concerns do you have about doing a Rapid Bible Read Thru? You can leave a comment by clicking here.