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9 thoughts on “The 2-Minute Overview (Promo Video)

  1. Keith,

    My name is Roni Johnson. I have been a director for 14 years at Heart to Heart in Laramie, Wyoming. My banquet is in April 2016. I have attended two of your workshops at the Care Net Conferences and have always enjoyed them.

    What do you present at Pregnancy Center Banquets. I give our speaker about 25 min.

    Thank you for your time,

    Blessings Always,
    Roni Johnson

  2. Just read an incredible review of your latest book How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible at
    I look forward to reading the book myself.

  3. I received information from Gloria at Ambassador’s Speakers … we have booked our last two Fall Dinner speakers through her company. How do you weave your message into to the work we are doing at our crisis pregnancy center? We are a Catholic non-profit center …. but serve everyone in our community who just needs a little help. I like hearing that you have a wonderful “ask” in your talk as well.

    Maureen Muraski
    volunteer: Help Pregnancy Crisis Aid Grand Rapids, Michigan

    • Maureen – I just wanted to make sure you received my email. If not, you can use the “Contact” link at the top of this page to send me a message. I’d love to come to Grand Rapids!

  4. I Love how you present the Word of God. I’m an auditory learner and know friends and family who have challenges reading, do you have a Bible reading plan that is read to you?

  5. I just bought your book last night and upon skiming it I’ve decided to go get the other two they had at the bookstore. I appreciate your efforts in helping people study the word. I have been studing the word for 35 years and always like to explore new ways of doing it. I read everyday and have hundreds of books (35 years is a long time to gather books LOL). Again thank you and God bless you.