Priceless: A Sometimes Hard-to-Watch Movie That Takes Sex-Trafficking Head On

Sex-Trafficking. Horrific words we don’t like to say. So we ignore them. You might even be tempted to stop reading because you either think it’s not happening near you (it is) or you know it is but don’t want to deal with it. But when we’re talking about something that is affecting at least 2.5 million people and has been reported in every one of the 50 states, we can’t ignore it. Period.

Priceless Movie- Poster

Friday (10/14), a new movie comes out that goes head on into a topic most of us never discuss. Priceless is not a documentary. It is a based-on-real-events story of one man’s discovery, involvement, transformation, and sacrifice to do something about it.

Simply put: See it. And as uncomfortable as it will be…ask others to join you.

meme07_worthI thought about writing a “review,” but I can’t. Yes, it’s a very good movie. Yes, it’s gritty. No, it’s not a “perfectly made” movie (though better than most faith-based films I’ve seen).

But a review of the movie almost ignores the fact that the primary purpose of this movie is to raise awareness and spur people to action.

This movie does both. See it.

Here’s the official trailer…

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