Do you feel like you "should" read, know, and study the Bible more. (Heavy sigh.) What if the "should" could turn to "want?"   

I believe it can. That's why I wrote this book!  

After almost two decades of speaking and writing, I have compiled my "Top 10 Tips" for ENJOYING the Bible.  

What people have said…

"Life Changing! Keith Ferrin has written an amazing book that helps you do just what it says. Keith shows how to study a full book of the Bible at a time so you learn about the author, the audience and the background as well as really getting a firm grip on what the book is about. He explains that the reason to read the Bible is to deepen your relationship with God, not to just get information. I would suggest this book for people at any stage of Bible reading." - K Adams  

"Great ideas for making Bible study exciting! Having always been interested in Bible memorization, I figured I'd learn more about his techniques for memorizing large portions of Scripture. But this book was far more than that. Rather than encouraging people to memorize Scripture, Keith encourages readers to internalize it through extended periods of Bible study in one passage. Keith's methods are simple and keep the whole process interesting along the way. If you want to get serious about learning God's Word, this book is for you!" - A Lenger 

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