The Top 41 Christian Movies for Families

Do you like movies? If not, well, I’ll write something different next week. If so, read on, my friend, because Christian movies have gotten heaps better in the last decade or so. Below is a list of 41 you’ll want to check out. Many of them I have seen. The ones I haven’t seen were recommended by fellow movie lovers.

The Top 41 Christian Movies for Families

NOTE: The movies are arranged in order from most-recent to oldest. I’ve included the release year and the rating, and a short description of the movie. Oh, and if I’ve done a review or interviewed someone from the movie, you’ll find a link. Enjoy!

1. Priceless (2016) PG-13

A man stands at the crossroads of his life. Angry after the death of his wife and losing custody of his daughter, James is unable to hold down a job. Out of desperation he agrees to drive a truck across the country for cash. When he discovers what his cargo is, he goes all out to save two sisters who will be sold into the sex slave trade. Here is a review I posted about this movie.

2. God’s Not Dead 2 (2016) PG

A sequel to God’s Not Dead, this film is about a high school history teacher, Grace Wesley who faces disciplinary action, administrative leave and a lawsuit when someone claims that Grace has been preaching in class because she quoted a verse from the Bible.

The Best Site – Hands Down – for Christian Audiobooks (Paid and Free)

Do you listen to audiobooks? Have you wanted to, but the thought of listening to a book while on your computer seems unrealistic, and getting the file downloaded and transferred to your phone or tablet seems too complicated?

If so…your answer is

featured photo

I have been using ChristianAudio since 2009. (Sorry for not writing this post until now.) Think of them as with only Christian books. In fact, over 5,000 Christian books.

Here’s a 3-minute video review and walk-thru. If you prefer to read, scroll on down a few inches and read away!

Here are a few of my favorite things… (Insert light, fluffy music here.)

The Monthly Free Book

ChristianAudio 3Let’s be honest. Lots of sites give stuff away. However, most of them give away something that is old, short, or public domain. Not

Every month, ChristianAudio gives away a free, premium audiobook. Oftentimes, it’s a brand new release from a best-selling author. You can see the last five audiobooks in the screenshot of my account to the right.

My Interview with David DeSanctis of the New Movie “Where Hope Grows”

A few weeks ago, Kari and I curled up on the couch to watch a pre-release of the upcoming movie Where Hope Grows. All I knew was that it was a movie about a washed-up former baseball player who develops an unlikely friendship with a young grocery store worker with Down Syndrome.

Here's my interview with David DeSanctis - star of the upcoming movie "Where Hope Grows."

Other than that, I didn’t know what to expect. What we received was an extremely well-told, authentic, moving, challenging, and inspiring story of friendship, difficult relationships, differences, similarities, faith, and the power of hope in the process of redemption.

Simply put – we both really enjoyed Where Hope Grows.

In the movie, the young man’s nickname is Produce – after the department he works in. The actor who plays Produce is David DeSanctis. I had been introduced to David a few weeks earlier at the National Children’s Pastors Convention. We realized we were both going to be at the Northwest Ministry Conference the following month in Seattle.

The people filming the “backstage” interviews at the conference were kind enough to let us use their cameras, lights, set – and videographer! – so we could shoot this interview.

First…Here’s my interview with David.

Second…Here’s the official trailer.

Finally…Make plans to see Where Hope Grows on May 15th!

Win a Copy of a Brand New Kids’ Bible

There are lots of kids’ Bibles out there. Each one seems to excel in some areas while falling short in others. While I would say the same is true about Kelly Pulley’s brand new (came out last week) Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times, the four areas where it excels far outweigh the two where it doesn’t.

Read the review and enter to win this terrific, brand new kids Bible!

First, the super quick details.

  • Author: Kelly Pulley
  • Target Audience: Ages 4-8
  • Length: 352 full-color pages

Here’s the 1-minute video overview…

If You Have Doubts–or Questions–About Christianity…Read This Book!

Many people have legitimate, honest, difficult questions about Christianity. And many, many books have been written in an attempt to answer those questions.

If you've ever wanted to a book that answered tough questions about Christianity with honesty (and doesn't talk down to you our way over your head), you need this book. Review by Keith Ferrin

Some are written confrontationally, with an almost argumentative tone.

Some barely scratch the surface and don’t seem to answer the questions at all (at least not satisfactorily).

Some are so intellectual or philosophical you end up with far more questions than you started with.

Then there are the rare ones that are honest, thorough, and clear enough to address the difficult questions without making the sincere skeptic feel stupid, or wrong, or “sinful” for even asking the questions.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, by pastor Timothy Keller is just such a book.

It is thorough, but not overwhelming. It is clear, yet not overly-simplified. It is honest, and hopeful. It is Christ-focused, and inviting to the skeptic.

That element of being inviting to the skeptic is woven into the DNA of Keller’s writing and his church. In fact, look at the first option in the menu for Redeemer’s website:


The Reason for God isn’t a new book. 2008 isn’t old, but it’s also not hot off the presses. That said, it’s one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. My next podcast episode will be dedicated to the other books on this list.

For today, I thought I would take a very different approach than in the past. The Table of Contents itself clearly lays out what questions and topics Tim Keller tackles in The Reason for God. So, I’m simply going to lay out each of the chapters (in Keller’s own wording) and share one of my favorite quotes from each chapter.

After taking a look at these, if any of the questions or topics piques your interest – get this book! Here we go…

2 Chances to Win a New Kids Bible or Storybook

Do your kids grab your smartphone (or tablet) every time you turn around? What if there was a Bible that made it fun to for them to use your phone to interact with Scripture? Now there is.

B & H Publishing (a division of LifeWay) has come out with a whole “The Big Picture” series of Bibles and storybooks. Today’s review – and giveaway! – is about two of them. Here is my 3-minute review. Below the video is how you can win a copy!

In case you’re not a “video watcher,” here are the highlights:

  • Their motto for the whole series is “Connecting Christ Throughout God’s Story.” They do a great job of making that happen.
  • The graphics are really good.
  • There is a free app you can use to interact with the Bible in two different ways. There’s an icon on every page that you can scan. The picture turns into a 3D-ish image and an audio version of the story is spoken. On some of the pages there is a QR Code you can scan that will take you to a web page with a 3-minute video that tells the story you’re reading.

How you can WIN one!

(NOTE: There are more resources, videos, and links below, but I thought you’d want to know the details on winning one first!)

38 Movies You Should Check Out (Especially #7 and #34)

Do you wish there was a list of Christian movies, or at least movies with Christian themes? Well…look no further. Over the last couple weeks, I have polled you…my blog readers (join the conversation), Twitter followers (follow along), and Facebook friends and fans (“like” my ministry page). I have compiled a list of 20 Christian movies and 18 movies that aren’t outwardly Christian, but do have Christian themes.

Photo courtesy of – Timychka

#018: 3 Things I Liked (and 3 I Didn’t) About the New Movie “Son of God” [Podcast]

To make this a little different I did a few things I don’t usually do. First, I went to see the new movie, Son of God, on opening night. Second, I didn’t read a single review before seeing it (or since). Third, I didn’t write down any notes, comments, tweets, posts – nothing! – before writing this review. I wanted to see what I would be thinking, feeling, and remembering a few days later. So…here you go…

Main Topic: 3 Pros and 3 Cons of “Son of God.”

As you probably know, Son of God came out last Friday. Behind the movie are the husband and wife team of Roma Downey (actress in Touched by an Angel) and Mark Burnett (executive producer of Survivor and Shark Tank…and a gazillion other shows). It’s a big-budget, high-profile Christian movie.

There were a few things I really liked.

And there were a few I didn’t.

In today’s episode I look at my top three “pros” and top three “cons.” Let’s jump in.

Entrusted Tweens (Review)

If you have a “tween” (kids aged 8-14) in your house, or you teach tweens, or you have tweens at your church, today’s post takes a quick look at a curriculum you’re going to want to check out. If not…carry on with your day. I have something I know you’ll like next week.

Entrusted LogoEntrusted is a curriculum developed by Awana. Here is how they describe it in one sentence:

Entrusted is a four week curriculum focused on forming a young person’s view of God, themselves, their community, and their world.

And here is how they describe it in 1 minute and 44 seconds:

As with any review, I could go on and on about everything I like and dislike. But rather than going too deep, let me simply provide four reasons you should at least check it out.

1. It’s about identity, not morality.

This is huge for me! I am convinced that tweens – and all of us, for that matter – need to be reminded of who they are, not just what they’re supposed to do. (Tweet that!Entrusted is all about identity. Getting a correct view of who God is, who they are, whom they’re surrounded with, and who we’re called to be. Beautiful!

2. The training is thorough (without being overwhelming).

So many people are a bit intimidated when it comes to hanging out with tweens. This curriculum does a fantastic job of providing resources for the facilitators – both before and during the four weeks. There are articles, training videos, and instruction on how to make the most of the digital curriculum. They make it super easy for “tween veterans” to dive right in – and for the other 90% of us to get up to speed.

3. The resources are fantastic.

Obviously, I’ve already talked about the training materials. Once you start on this four-week journey, the Entrusted Team walks you step-by-step through the purpose, delivery, and follow-up for each week. Most every curriculum I see has a downloadable lesson and Bible verses for follow-up. While Entrusted has these as well, they also provide the following (for each week):

  • Storytelling Script
  • Leader Video
  • Parent Video
  • Parent Email

You don’t get more complete than that!

4. The people behind it are solid.

Entrusted is produced by Awana. These guys and gals have been ministering to students for more than six decades. They know their stuff. And they love God and His Word.

Also, I was first told about this by my friend, Matt Guevara. He and his wife partnered with the team at Awana to make sure Entrusted spoke the “language of digital learners.” Matt writes and speaks all over the place on that very topic. He is the go-to guy when it comes to making sure that content connects with the next generation. He’s also currently the Bartlett Campus Pastor for Christ Community Church near Chicago.

So, there you have it. At the very least, take 1:44 and watch the video if you haven’t already. Then hop on over to the FAQ page and find out more.

Question: What is a curriculum, book, video, or resource that you’ve found helpful for connecting with and serving the next generation?

Win A Copy of The Action Bible!

You’ve probably heard me mention The Action Bible before. After all, I’m a fan of a Bible that has my kids saying, “Come on Dad! One more story. Pleeeeeeease!”

ActionBible_3DOn Monday, I’ll be giving one away!

You can enter the giveaway via the PunchTab widget below. (BTW – I’ve never used PunchTab on this blog before. Let me know in the comments if I should use it again, change to something else, or ditch it altogether.)

Before you enter the contest, check out my 3-minute video review of two brand new resources that go right along with The Action Bible.

  • The first is the Action Bible Handbook. Think: Bible Dictionary your kids will love.
  • The second is The Action Bible Devotional. Fifty-two devotionals. The story from The Action Bible is right there in the devotional. Lots of questions, application, etc.

Here’s the video: