5 Bible Verses to Help You Process This Election (No Matter How You Voted)

This has been one of the most brutal weeks I can ever remember. The amount of disappointment, anger, fear, confusion, frustration, and venomous words is – quite honestly – a bit unfathomable. So, how are those of us who call ourselves “Christ Followers” supposed to process it all?

5 Bible Verses to Help You Process This Election

God’s Word is the ultimate lens we must always use to process everything.

Hear this clearly: A few Bible verses thrown together in a blog post is not going to take away all disappointment, frustration, or concern. Think of it like getting a long-awaited diagnosis from a doctor. The diagnosis doesn’t instantly cure the disease. But it does give you a place to focus (other than focusing on the unknown) and points us toward the cure.

My desire in this post is to point us toward God’s Word, point us toward what is right and true (rather than focusing on the unknown), and point us toward the One who is the Ultimate Cure for what ails us.

My Prayer for My President

In light of all that has happened in the last 24 hours, I woke up this morning and felt an overwhelming need to pray.

Not write about my thoughts on the election. Just pray.

Not voice my concerns. Just pray.

Not blast some and praise others. Just pray.

obama familyWill you join me in prayer?

Lord Jesus. Sustainer. Provider. Lord of the big and Lord of the details. I praise you today.

The election is over. And I will trust You. You are sovereign. You are not surprised or set back by anything that happened yesterday. You are still King. Your Kingdom will still come.

Barack Obama is my president, so I will pray for him and honor him…not slander him.

He is my country’s leader. Lord, help him lead with wisdom from You. Yet he is not “just” my country’s leader…

He is a husband. Lord, protect his marriage from every attack. May Mr. and Mrs. Obama be deeply in love long after their days in the White House have come to an end. Show them how to prioritize their time to play, love, and simply “be” together.

He is a father of two beautiful daughters. Lord, give him the wisdom he needs to raise them to glorify You and serve others. Show him how to be “Daddy” to them…not Mr. President. Remind him to laugh with them, sit with them, listen to them, and take a sincere interest in what matters to them.

He is a friend. Lord, give him friendships with people who treat him like a regular guy. Other men who play basketball with him, joke with him, humble him, and remind him that he is just a man.

He is fallible. Lord, may You remind me of my own fallibility and the abundance of grace You have lavished on me. May that reminder cause me to give grace, for more than I give judgment.

Most of all Lord, draw him to Yourself. You love him. Help him to know that. Deeply. Help him to see people as You see people. May he rejoice at the things that make You rejoice. May his heart break with the things that break Yours.

Today, tomorrow, and always…I trust You. To You be the glory, honor, and power. Now and forevermore. Amen.

What is your prayer for today?