How to Drastically Reduce Distractions During Your Time with God

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Have you lived out this scene? You pour a cup of coffee. You sit down to read the Bible. You pause to pray. And then you realize – before even cracking open your Bible – your mind is pulled in a million different directions.

6 Tips Distraction Free Quiet Time

Why does this happen? After all, you want to be fully present. You want to focus. You want to spend time with God.

And yet the distractions come. More accurately – the distractions bombard! 

It seems like every time a teach a workshop on reading and enjoying the Bible this topic shows up. I get questions about it. I receive emails about it. I see comments on Facebook about it.

We live in a distracted – and distracting – culture.

Hear this clearly: You can focus. You can reduce distractions. You can read, pray, and simply be with God without having your mind wander every 30 seconds.

However, it’s not easy. It takes practice. And it takes intentionality.

I have written a longer post – and recorded a podcast episode for you listeners out there – that dives into greater detail on the 6 Tips for a Distraction-Free Quiet Time. You can read the post or listen to the podcast here (or search “Keith Ferrin” on iTunes).

Today I want to give you – for free – the eBook version.

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Question: What helps you stay focused when you sit down to read the Bible or pray? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

#38: If You’re Nervous About Having “The Talk” with Your Kids…You Need This Book [Podcast]

An In-Depth Interview with Youth Culture Expert Jonathan McKee

If you have a child in middle school or high school – I beg you to read More Than Just The Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex by Jonathan McKee. In fact, you can stop reading right now, head over to Amazon, and grab a copy. I recommend it that highly.

I came across this book by accident. (As if there is such a thing.) It was in the same catalog as my new book from Bethany House Publishers. I am so glad I did.

It is fantastic…and really hard to read (in all the good ways).

I recently had the chance to jump on Skype with Jonathan and discuss this book – and this massively important topic.

#37: A Fantastic New Kidmin Bible Curriculum (Interview with David Rausch of [Podcast]

Sometimes you meet someone and immediately connect. Sometimes you meet someone and immediately want to introduce him to other people you know. Sometimes you meet someone and their obedience to God’s call inspires you.

David Rausch of is all three.

If you've ever wanted a creative, interactive, easy-to-use Bible curriculum - look no further. Interview with David Rausch - founder of and Go!

We met in February when I was speaking at the Children’s Ministry Expo in St. Louis. He used to work in family ministry at Willow Creek. He has spent the better part of the last year creating a creative, interactive, easy-to-use Bible curriculum that you need to check out.

I had a chance to record a video interview with David last week. (In fact, we recorded it twice. Long story.) You can watch it – or listen to it – below.

Big Changes for My Podcast

I am guessing you’ve probably noticed there hasn’t been a new episode of the Falling in Love with God’s Word Podcast in 2015. (Or maybe you haven’t!) Along with every new year comes time for looking back, evaluating, looking ahead, and planning.

I've recorded 36 episodes in the last 18 months. I'm not pulling the plug...just making some changes. Here's why (and how YOU can make it even better)!As much as I enjoy creating the podcast, my gut tells me I need to focus my efforts on other things right now. This does not mean I will be deleting the podcast (you can find all the episodes here) and it does not mean there will never be a new episode (there will be).

What it does mean is I won’t be recording a new episode every other week (as I have the last 18 months). It also means the format and content may very well change.

Since I deeply value you and am honored that you give your time to this blog and podcast, I wanted to collect your input before determining exactly what the Falling in Love with God’s Word Podcast will look like moving forward.

Would you do me a huge favor and take 60 seconds to answer three questions in the survey below?

For those of you who like the background story…

#36: Are You Ready for Bible Read Thru 2015? [Podcast]

A year ago, I invited you to join me for Bible Read Thru 2014. Since about 15-20 people participated in 2013, I thought another dozen or so would join in. My “big prayer” was for 50. (Oh, me of little faith.) Little did I know that 218 of you would jump on board! Of that group, just under 190 joined the private Facebook group! BRT2014 was such a blast!

The 6th Annual Bible Read Thru is about to begin. Are you ready?

Four months. That’s it. January through April.

  • In four months you will know the Bible better than ever.
  • In four months you will enjoy the Bible more than you thought possible.
  • In four months you will make new friends from around the world.

I am so excited about Bible Read Thru 2015, that I decided to record a video and a podcast episode and write out a blog post inviting you to join me!

#35: Thankful for a Unique KidMin Ministry (Video Interview with Michael Chanley) [Podcast]

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. (How’s that for stating the obvious?!) I have really enjoyed the 5-3-3 Thankfulness Challenge over the past three weeks. It’s been fun to read your comments and hear what you are thankful for as well – especially on the Facebook Page.

CMConnect is THE online community for Children's Ministry. Here's an interview with the founder - Michael Chanley.

On this theme of thankfulness, I am always grateful when I come across people who are doing ministry in unique ways and unique places. Today I have the opportunity to interview someone who fits into both categories. Michael Chanley is the founder of CMConnect and the Executive Director and President of CMConnectGlobal.

Michael and I grabbed some time on Skype this week. Whether you are a parent, KidMin Pastor, or just love hearing someone who is passionate about serving people in unique and sacrificial ways, you will be challenged and encouraged by this interview.

#34: A Fantastic – and Free! – Interactive Advent Devotional (Video Interview with Brannon Marshall) [Podcast]

Christmas is officially here. (I can tell by the fancy red cups Starbucks rolled out last week.) Do you ever feel like the Christmas season is simply too, well, too everything? Too busy. Too much food. Too much stuff. Too many parties. Too much noise.

If so…you really need to grab your free copy of the brand new, interactive Advent Devotional from Awana.

If you're looking for an interactive - and completely free - advent devotional for you and your family, look no further.

I had the opportunity to jump on Skype with Brannon Marshall, the Director of Church Engagement, and the guy who spearheaded the project. This devotional is truly unlike any I have seen before. You can watch the video interview, listen to the audio, or download the audio for transferring to your mobile device. All the links are right below.

#33: How to Pass on Faith to the Next Generation (Interview with Matt Guevara – New Executive Director of INCM) [Podcast]

We have all heard the depressing statistics of students leaving their faith behind shortly after leaving their parents homes. If you want to see your kids love God for the long haul you need to hear this interview with Matt Guevara. He is the Executive Director of INCM – International Network of Children’s Ministry – and a pretty cool guy.

If you are passionate about seeing the next generation love God and His Word you need to hear this interview with Matt Guevara - Executive Director of

You can watch the video interview, listen to the audio, or download the audio for transferring to your mobile device. All the links are right below.

#32: 5 Questions That Will Massively Improve Your Quiet Time [Podcast]

So often, even if we’re at a time of relative consistency when it comes to spending time in the Word, it’s challenging to “carry it with us” once our Bibles are closed and we head into our day at work or school. If this describes you, you’ll want to listen to this episode and discover five questions that will help you move from “reader and learner” to “doer and disciple.”

If your quiet time could use a jump start, here are five questions that will really help.

#31: How 2 Normal Guys Internalized More Than 25 Books the Bible! [Podcast]

What if I told you that a guy who works at a creative video agency and another who is a youth pastor in a suburb of Denver have internalized more than 25 books of the Bible? What if I told you they agreed to do an interview and share how they did it? What if I told you they also share the funny story of how they became friends (after not liking each other at first), got started with internalization, the impact it has had on the way they understand and experience God, and the help it has been in fighting personal sin battles?

You’ll find all this and lots more [insert late-night infomercial music here] on this new podcast episode.

Check out this interview with two normal guys who have internalized more than 25 books of the Bible!