“I’m Not Ashamed” – Columbine on the Big Screen (and So Much More)

Video Interview with Masey McLain

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the shooting at Columbine High School? I was at home in Tacoma. Three days later I was on a plane to Denver, CO.  That Saturday night I was speaking at a local church, processing and grieving with confused students (and parents) who wanted to worship a God who was present in this tragedy.

Masey Mclain Inteview - "I'm Not Ashamed"

Tomorrow – October 21, 2016 – a terrific movie comes out about the life of Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the shooting at Columbine. I’m Not Ashamed is much, much more than simply a here’s-what-led-up-to-a-school-shooting. This a a well-told, honest story about a young woman, trying to do the right thing (many times failing…just like you and me). She is ultimately striving to live a life that honors Jesus.

largememe13My guess is Rachel Joy Scott was a very different person from the picture you have painted in your head.

This week I got to sit down (via the wonder of technology) with Masey McLain – the fantastic actress who played Rachel in I’m Not Ashamed. We were scheduled to chat for 15 minutes and ended up recording 23 minutes (and then talked for another 10 after). Masey is not only a terrific actress, she’s a cool, authentic, fun person.


The Interview

Voiceless Movie (with Interview)

Video Interview with Stuart Migdon - Producer, Executive Producer, and Actor

Over the next three Fridays, there are three terrific Christian movies coming out back-to-back-to-back. Tomorrow’s movie is called Voiceless and deals head-on with the issue of abortion.

Voiceless Movie

Voiceless is a very powerful movie. It is honest and gritty. After having the opportunity to watch it last month, there are two things that are really sticking with me.

First, its “honesty” covers those inside the church as well as those outside. The temptation with a movie like this is to have one character stand up for what is right, and then have the whole church get behind him and make a difference. I won’t give away the latter part of the movie, but all throughout you see various characters display apathy, fear, tension, and downright opposition to the main character’s desire to fight an increasingly challenging battle.

If You’re a Kidmin Leader – or Know One – You NEED to Hear This

My interview with Pat Cimo and Matt Markins about their brand new book - "Leading KidMin"

There are lots of books about doing KidMin. There are very few about leading Kidmin. If you are a KidMin leader – family pastor, nursery leader, volunteer, or anything else in family ministry – you need to read Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry.

Leading KidMin Interview Graphic

The two authors – Pat Cimo and Matt Markins – know what they’re talking about. Pat is the Director of Marriage and Family Life at Willow Creek and Matt is the Vice President of Ministry Resources at Awana. Between them, they have over five decades of KidMin experience.

I had the chance to sit down with both of them and talk about the state of KidMin – and specifically – how to help the leader stay healthy, last a long time, and lead lasting change.

Simply put: This book is fantastic! Watch the interview, then please, grab a copy today!

Here are the questions they answer in this interview: 

  1. Why did you write Leading Kidmin?
  2. What do you hope this book accomplishes for the reader and the KidMin community?
  3. Tell me about the research that went into this project?
  4. What is your favorite chapter? (BTW…They have different answers!)
  5. What are the practical pieces that will really help the KidMin leader?
  6. What’s this new “KidMin Dashboard” you created (and included)?
  7. Is this for larger churches, smaller churches, or both?
  8. What did you find the most encouraging as your researched and wrote?

Leading Kidmin BuyNow

Question: What’s your favorite book for the KidMin leader? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

My 1-on-1 Interview with Christy Beam

The mom from the brand new movie "Miracles From Heaven"

If you’re looking for a movie that will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think about God’s right-by-your-side-even-in-the-suffering presence – you need to go see Miracles From Heaven. Oh…and you can watch it with your entire family. (Kari and I recently watched it with our three kids and they all loved it.)

This is my eye-opening interview with Christy Beam, the mother from the new movie 'Miracles From Heaven.'

Miracles from Heaven opens today – March 18, 2016.