If You’re a Kidmin Leader – or Know One – You NEED to Hear This

My interview with Pat Cimo and Matt Markins about their brand new book - "Leading KidMin"

There are lots of books about doing KidMin. There are very few about leading Kidmin. If you are a KidMin leader – family pastor, nursery leader, volunteer, or anything else in family ministry – you need to read Leading KidMin: How to Drive Real Change in Children’s Ministry.

Leading KidMin Interview Graphic

The two authors – Pat Cimo and Matt Markins – know what they’re talking about. Pat is the Director of Marriage and Family Life at Willow Creek and Matt is the Vice President of Ministry Resources at Awana. Between them, they have over five decades of KidMin experience.

I had the chance to sit down with both of them and talk about the state of KidMin – and specifically – how to help the leader stay healthy, last a long time, and lead lasting change.

Simply put: This book is fantastic! Watch the interview, then please, grab a copy today!

Here are the questions they answer in this interview: 

  1. Why did you write Leading Kidmin?
  2. What do you hope this book accomplishes for the reader and the KidMin community?
  3. Tell me about the research that went into this project?
  4. What is your favorite chapter? (BTW…They have different answers!)
  5. What are the practical pieces that will really help the KidMin leader?
  6. What’s this new “KidMin Dashboard” you created (and included)?
  7. Is this for larger churches, smaller churches, or both?
  8. What did you find the most encouraging as your researched and wrote?

Leading Kidmin BuyNow

Question: What’s your favorite book for the KidMin leader? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Author Interview: Brian Dollar

"Talk Now and Later: How to Lead Kids Through Life's Tough Topics"

Do you have kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews? If so, I highly – very highly! – recommend you grab a copy of Brian Dollar’s brand new book Talk Now and Later: How to Lead Kids Through Life’s Tough Topics.

Hear veteran kidmin pastor Brian Dollar discuss his terrific new book 'Talk Now and Later: How to Lead Kids Through Life's Tough Topics.'

The reasons why I’m recommending it, as well as my interview with Brian and the official trailer for the book, are all below.

#38: If You’re Nervous About Having “The Talk” with Your Kids…You Need This Book [Podcast]

An In-Depth Interview with Youth Culture Expert Jonathan McKee

If you have a child in middle school or high school – I beg you to read More Than Just The Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex by Jonathan McKee. In fact, you can stop reading right now, head over to Amazon, and grab a copy. I recommend it that highly.

I came across this book by accident. (As if there is such a thing.) It was in the same catalog as my new book from Bethany House Publishers. I am so glad I did.

It is fantastic…and really hard to read (in all the good ways).

I recently had the chance to jump on Skype with Jonathan and discuss this book – and this massively important topic.

What Is REALLY Happening in Children’s Ministry?

Book Review: The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry

If you’re involved in children’s ministry – or have a kid who goes to Sunday School, youth group, or an Awana club – you’ll want to read the new book The Gospel Truth About Children’s MinistryIt’s put out by the folks at Awana and it is quite eye-opening.

What Is REALLY Happening in Children's Ministry?

Let me preface this review by saying I’ve had the opportunity to get to know several of the people at Awana over the last couple years on the phone, over Skype, and in person at conferences. I was invited to write one of the days of their Advent Devotional. I’ve done interviews with Ryan Frank (watch it here) and Brannon Marshall (watch it here). And I am currently in conversations about doing some more writing for one of their very cool upcoming multi-book projects. (How’s that for a teaser?)

All that to say, I have gotten to know these people really well.

More than that, I really like them.

Even more than that, I trust them.

You should too. They are doing some very cool and creative things. One of them is The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry

The book is only 87 pages. The content could fill a few hundred. There are three distinct sections: The Problem. 10 Fresh KidMin Research Findings. Suggested Solutions. Each one could be a book in and of itself. Let’s take one at a time.

Cottonmouth: A Trilogy Your Kids – and You! – Will Love

Video Interview with Author C.S. Fritz

What would you have if you combined the creative artistry of Where the Wild Things Are with the life-changing themes of redemption, the Holy Spirit, sin, forgiveness, loss, calling, and the faithfulness of Jesus?

You would have the Cottonmouth Trilogy by C.S. Fritz.

If you're looking for series you and your kids will both love, look no further than the Cottonmouth Trilogy by C.S. Fritz.

The Cottonmouth Trilogy is truly a unique series.

Below is the video of my interview with C.S. Fritz. He’s an artist, author, pastor, husband, and father (to name a few). During the video, you’ll hear about his background, his art, his ministry today, how this series went from a concept to a trilogy, and his hope for each book. The last three minutes are my thoughts.

Overwhelmed (in a good way) by the Book Launch

This has been a crazy last few days. And I mean “crazy” in a more-than-I-could-ask-or-imagine sort of way! I expected Tuesday’s “official launch” of How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible to be a bit crazy.

What I didn’t fully prepare myself for was how crazy it would continue to be.

It is so encouraging – and humbling – to have people from literally around the world sending me emails, tweets, and Facebook messages of encouragement.

Thank you!

4 Terrific Chronological Bible Plans

Are you considering reading through the whole Bible in 2015? If so, I highly recommend reading chronologically. While I’ve written in the past about why this is my favorite way to read the Bible, I thought I’d share some actual plans I – and others I know – have used in the past (and the one I’ll be using for Bible Read Thru 2015).

If you're thinking about reading through the Bible in 2015, these four options will get you pointed in the right direction.

Whether you want a reading plan for your phone or tablet, a plan you can print and use with a Bible you already own, or a physical Bible that’s already laid out for you in chronological order – this post will get you headed in the right direction.

Every year, I ask the people who are participating in the 4-Month Bible Read Thru what questions they have before we begin. A question I have already heard several times this year (and I hear it every year) is…

What Bible – or reading plan – should I use?”

A Brand New KidMin Resource (and I’m Giving One Away!)

I see lots of resources. Some are sent to me. Others I discover on my own. Most of them I don’t recommend to you. I look at them and ask myself, “Would I use this if I was a kidmin pastor?” (Or youth pastor, parent, pastor, etc.) If the answer is “No,” then you’re never going to hear about it on this blog.

Bright Ideas - Kidology - 3DThen there are resources that are simply no-brainers. The answer to the would-I-use-it question is a definite “Yes!”

The new eBook from Kidology fits in that category. And I’m going to give you an opportunity to win one a few inches down the page!

It’s called Bright Ideas for Children’s Ministry and it is packed with practical, hands-on activities and ideas.

If you don’t win, simply click this link and use this coupon code on the CHECKOUT page – SAVE5KF – and you’ll get $5 off the price of the eBook. Even if you only use one idea (and you will use a lot more) it would be completely worth the $12.

Here’s the cool thing…While the target audience is KidMin pastors, I found myself seeing how we could use it with the kids in our own small group.

The ideas are so good, I’m actually behind in writing this review, because I got caught up in reading and figuring out how I could use some of these with our small group and in my own upcoming talks!

I’ve got the breakdown of what you’ll find in the eBook below, but I had a crazy idea to shoot Steven Knight (one of the general editors) a text and see if he was available for an interview. Thankfully, he opened up a few minutes in his day, we jumped on Skype, and shot a super-short (5:56) interview. 

Bibliotheca– A Beautiful New Reading Bible

There is a big problem. And it plagues most of us. Here’s how you can tell if it’s affecting you: You sit down to read your Bible. You open your Bible and begin reading. Twenty minutes later you realize you have spent fifteen minutes reading the notes, looking at the maps, and examining the charts and only five minutes actually reading the Bible!

If you're looking for a Bible the makes you WANT to read (not just study), you need to check this out!

 [pinit button_type=”one” count=”horizontal” url=”http://keithferrin.com/bibliotheca-a-beautiful-new-reading-bible” image_url=’http://keithferrin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Bibliotheca-Square.jpg” description=”If you’re looking for a Bible the makes you WANT to read (not just study), you need to check this out!  “]

The Problem: Our study Bible frequently gets in the way when we are simply trying to read the Bible.

I have written many times about being a recovering Ping Pong Reader. (In case you’re not family with the term, a Ping Pong Reader is someone who feels a moral obligation – wink – to read the corresponding note anytime you see a bold letter “a” or “b” when reading the Bible. Oh…you too?!) In fact, I dedicated a whole episode of the podcast to this issue and the myths we start to believe when we do it.

Adam Greene is a book designer and graphic artist who has created a new Bible, specifically designed to help people read the Bible.

It’s called Bibliotheca. He launched it with a KickStarter campaign and a goal to raise $37,000. The campaign closed Sunday, with $1,440,435 donated!