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KeithFerrin Podcast 1400x1400This podcast is devoted entirely to helping you not just read the Bible…but ENJOY it! When you enjoy it, you will read it more regularly, study it more deeply, live it more passionately, and share it more powerfully.

Each episode is packed with tips you can put into practice immediately. Extremely practical and accessible for someone who’s been hanging out with Jesus for 30 years or exploring the Bible for 30 minutes. You will find answers to listener questions, interviews, resource reviews, and some of Keith Ferrin’s unique, one-man, word-for-word dramatic presentations of Scripture.

Keith Ferrin is an author, blogger, and storyteller who is devoted to helping people of all ages realize that the Living Word of God is a reality…not a phrase. Keith has spoken at conferences as well as retreats, churches, and corporate events for almost 20 years.

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
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24 The 1 Bible-Reading Mistake You’re Probably Making Without Realizing It 05/28/2014
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3 How Do High School Students REALLY Feel About the Bible? 07/24/2013
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