Short Version:
I am a speaker, storyteller, and author who strives to help people realize that the living Word of God is a reality – not a phrase. I actually hold to the idea that people can believe the Bible is not only true and applicable, but also fun, engaging, and enjoyable.

The ministry I founded 16 years ago – That You May Know Ministries – exists to help people fall in love with God’s Word…and its Author. (More formal “Mission Page” here.)

I am husband to one, and a father to three. Oh yeah…and I think the world is a better place since the invention of coffee and ice cream (not necessarily in that order).

Slightly Longer Version: (Official Bio here)
I was born in California when my dad was going to Stanford, but only lived there till I was three. Then New York… Kansas… Spokane… Knoxville… Tacoma… and now Kirkland, WA (outside Seattle). Since my wife was born and raised here I’m guessing we’ll be here forever, which is cool with me.

After college I was a youth and worship pastor for six years (’91-’97). In the spring of 1993 I saw a guy (Bruce Kuhn) “perform” the Gospel of Luke and my view of God’s Word was forever altered. I had a chance to chat with Bruce, started internalizing whole books of the Bible, and launched That You May Know Ministries on March 3, 1996 with my first presentation of the Gospel of John. Almost a decade and a half has gone by and I can’t see stopping anytime soon.

Several years ago corporate folks started asking me how I prepare for speeches – and deliver them without wetting my pants. Those conversations – along with some requests for life coaching – led to the birth of True Success Coaching.

A few things I love: writing (bet that’s a surprise), movies, hiking, baseball, coffee, ice cream, and seeing the light go on in someone’s eye when they realize that the Bible isn’t boring.

A few things I love even more: Kari, Sarah, Caleb, and Hannah.


Keith Ferrin


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Please note: I love conversation, so feel free to share your thoughts - even if you don't agree with something I write. But let's all make sure we're polite. I reserve the right to send any mean-spirited, offensive, spammy, or off-topic comments to the cyber-junk-pile.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Keith,
    I was one of your professors, I believe, at City University some years ago. You did one of your presentations in class and sang beautifully (and wrote the words to the song about giving children hope and appreciating teachers. I remember jokingly telling the class that if I ever married, I’d ask you to sing. Well, I’m not getting married, but my granddaughter is. Our pastor who was to do the service just today advised Sarah that he is not able to perform the ceremony. Just looking for some advice or possibly a referral in Olympia, WA.
    Lois Baker

  2. Keith,

    Just wanted to compliment you on the emailed article that came via Ken Davis today. It was titled, “Three Questions Every Communicator Must Ask.”

    It was excellent and super helpful. Thanks!

    Will you be at DCW next week? If so, I’ll see you there.

    Regards, Don

    • Thanks Don. Have a great time at DCW. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year. You will love it…and grow. (I know I did when I was a student almost a decade ago!)

  3. Keith – good to see you today – Peg said Rich is supposed to speak about the new partnership between WV and the Covenant at 9am (CST) friday…it should be live at http://covchurch.tv/live/ at 7am PST if you’re interested in watching.


  4. Mr. Ferrin,

    Just wanted to leave a note saying “Thank you!!!” so much for sharing the beautiful and life-giving truths from the Book of John in Gig Harbor today 🙂

    Your love for the Word of God and for our Lord Jesus Christ are an encouragement to all who have the blessing of hearing your recital.

    I have seen your good work and I praise our Father in Heaven!

    Press on until Jesus returns!


    P.S. I listened to your CDs in the van as I drove my kids to the library and they loved it as much as I did. Thank you again!